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Technology & Training

Only the Best Care

We strive to be THE elite dental practice in Northwest Ohio. Our locally owned practice is “patient centered.” We do not cut corners in providing for your care. Some other corporate multi-location practices are “profit-centered” and may have conflicting interests between their obligations to their stockholders and the quality of care for their patients. We do not place our efforts in flashy advertising or discount promotions to attract patients. Instead, we rely on our hard-earned reputation and superior service. We try to treat every patient as an individual with their own situation and desires just as we would a family member – with skill and compassion.

Dentist in Bowling Green, OH

State-of-the-Art Technology

Located in Bowling Green, OH, we are one of the very few dental offices that has 3D imaging on-site. We use Cone Beam Computerized Axial Tomography (CBCT) to better diagnose, plan treatment, and perform complex dental procedures that otherwise would be very difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish. Our technology allows us to offer treatments in-house that other dental practices in the area cannot. That means you can receive all of the dental care you need in one convenient, friendly, familiar office.

Dentist in Bowling Green, OH

Advanced Training

We are the largest and most experienced dental office in our area. All of our doctors have successfully completed hospital-based General Practice Residency with advanced training in surgery, sedation, trauma cases, and the care of medically compromised patients. This advanced training allows our doctors to offer treatments that other practices cannot, such as 3-dimensional diagnostic imaging, IV sedation, oral facial trauma care, and cosmetic digital smile design. Plus, because we are a three-doctor practice, we have the opportunity to provide in-office consultations, second opinions, and round-the-clock emergency care.

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