Meet Our Dental Staff

Our dental staff strives to provide personalized and compassionate dental care to every patient. They work to help our patients achieve the maximum dental health benefits. Most of our staff members have been with us for for over 10 years, and many have been on the team for over 25 years. You will see several familiar faces every time you return to our office.

Our staff is divided into several groups of expertise to aid you:

Practice Administrator

Practice administrator Cindy Barr has been with us for over 25 years and is responsible for the overall operations of the office, including finance, staff, and administrative duties. She sincerely enjoys working in the dental field and the day-to-day interactions with our patients and staff. She loves being part of a team that treats patient care as their #1 priority.

Practice Administrator | Dentist Bowling Green, OH


Our receptionists will assist you in selecting your doctor or hygienist, scheduling appointments, completing necessary forms, dealing with insurance, and other details to help you get the most out of your dental visits. All questions concerning appointments or finances should be directed to them.

Left to right: Karen, Katrina, Erika

Karen Yonker Katrina Tolles Erika

Dental Hygienists

We have 5 registered dental hygienists to provide professional cleanings, preventive care, and treatment services. They are caring dental professionals whose goal is to treat, maintain, and enhance the oral health of their patients, as well as their smiles. We encourage patients to ask for their preferred hygienist at each appointment.

Left to right: Gus Coutinho RDH, Karen Schwiebert RDH, Lori Bostelman RDH, Scarlett Wise RDH

Gus Coutinho Karen Schwiebert Lori Bostelman Scarlett Wise

Dental Assistants

We have a large dedicated team of certified dental assistants to help the doctors provide high quality care and coordinate treatment plans. Our assistants seat and prepare patients for treatment, streamline procedures, and discuss preoperative and postoperative measures. In addition, they are responsible for the set up, maintenance, and sterilization of instruments, equipment, and materials that are used for each appointment.

Left to right: Brenda, Taylor, Susie, Pam, Heather, Donna, Jen, Paige

Brenda Rausch Taylor DeRan Susie Memsic Pam Irwin Heather Sarver Donna Santus Jen Paige